Five Senses: Presence and Movement. Led by Elio Guarisco and Stoffelina Verdonk

    2-3 august 2018
    Five Senses: Presence and Movement – Investing in Being in the Present
    Led by Elio Guarisco and Stoffelina Verdonk

    Finding presence of mind and calm are psychological resources essential for our wellbeing. Often in our busy and interactive life absent mindedness takes over, and we become restlessness.

    Our life can easily turn into a stressful race or dull repetition of ourselves, in which we loose our true self and the safety, satisfaction and connection that give meaning to or life. Hearing, seeing and the other senses are a way in which our mind escape into the complexity of untruthful representations of reality and story making drive. But if we can find presence in the experience of the senses, we shift from the mental level experience of reality, to a more concrete and direct relation to our world.

    In these weekend combining methods from the ancient Buddhist Tradition and their Intuitions applied in sitting and movement, we will learn how to find presence in the root of the experience of the inner and outer world: our senses.

    Thus rediscovering the innate presence inherent in our being and relate to the inner and outer world with a sense of wholeness and integration.

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    1 Day
    Morning 10-12am
    What is Presence and Awareness?
    Awakening presence through the breathing
    How to Find Presence in Sound

    Projecting inner and outer sounds in space
    And Discovering the Impact of Sound in one’s Environment
    And One’s Breathing

    Afternoon 16-18am
    How Seeing Can Deceive Our experience of Reality
    How to Find Presence in Seeing

    Becoming Gradually Aware of one’s Field of Vision
    And How Presence is Maintained when Our Seeing Shifts in Relation to Our Position
    In Space
    And When We Move And Breathe

    2 Day
    Morning 10-12am
    How we relate to the Concrete Inner and Outer Environment
    Awakening Presence in the Feeling of Bodily Sensation

    Discovering Presence in the Sense of Touch Through Contact
    In the Different Body Positions-laying, sitting, standing, walking

    Afternoon 16-18am
    Discovering the presence in Relation to sense of the mind
    By Developing the Capacity to go Beyond the Distracted Mind

    Discovering Presence by Activating the Sense of Touch, Smell, Hearing, Tasting while the Vision is Shut
    And Experience Presence in Movement with the Full Working of all the Five Senses



    Suggested donation to cover expenses Euro 80