Course on Kumbhaka with Fabio Andrico


    29-30 June and 1 July

    Course on Kumbhaka with Fabio Andrico

    We will have the opportunity through simple and effective exercises to learn and experiment various aspects of breathing. The aim is developing knowledge of the profound method of Kumbhaka, drawing on the many years of Fabio Andrico’s experience of teaching and personal practice.  The course is suitable for all students of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, in any physical condition, regardless of whether they practice Yantra Yoga or not.

    The true knowledge of Kumbhaka is indispensable for applying many of the practices that Rinpoche teaches us, including the seventh Lojong in the Base of the Santi Maha Sangha, parlung, the tsalung of Mandarava and  pranayama in Yantra Yoga.

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    Friday 29 June 18.00

    Saturday and Sunday 10.00 – 12.30 and 15.30 – 17.30