“… For it is certain that none of us will remain, we will all go, [yet] we have the possibility leave our ashes here, so that future practitioners of Dzogchen connected to the transmission can continue and increase benefits. This is my advice.”                                                

 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Merigar, September 14, 2013 

For this reason here at Merigar West we are very proud to announce the completion of a new building – the first Cinerary of the Dzogchen Community.

A long time ago our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu thought of this for us practitioners as a special place for the Community. This is the reason why the Cinerary is close to the Merigar West Gonpa because the purpose of the Cinerary is not only to house the ashes of practitioners, but also to provide a space where purification rituals for the dead or the changchog ritual can be practiced in a place that has been empowered.

The small Merigar West Cinerary is a building of about 50 square meters in the shape of a Mandala and will house about 800 refractory ceramic urns decorated in Tibetan style.

In this place we will retain the material remains of those who have met the Dzogchen Teaching or are connected to the precious Transmission and the Path that leads to the state of Total Liberation.

The building is now clearly visible. The outer structure has been completed ​​and the interior decoration is well under way.

In the project it is expected that the costs will be covered by donations. Through a donation (even spread over time) you will have the opportunity to join the project, support and “reserve” a space for your ashes.

To read about the regulations see here

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