Be a sponsor of Merigar Retreat


Be a sponsor to allow many people to attend the retreat

Read here the words of  Chögyal Namkhai Norbu  on the importance of sponsorship.

The dates of the retreats in Merigar West are:

June 8-12, 2018
August 10-14, 2018

Any amount is an important contribution. 

In Italy you can have a a tax detraction for donations, please write “Donazione per attività Istituzionali” on the payment description. see here  please find out if you can have it in your country

Bank Transfer:
Comunità Dzogchen di Merigar –  Loc. Merigar  58031,  Arcidosso, Grosseto, Italia
UBI Banca, filiale di Castel del Piano  GR  Italy
c/c  n.  1718   ABI 3111   CAB  72190  CIN  G
IBAN code   IT65 G031 1172 1900 0000 0001 718
Con PayPal o credit card:
[email protected]

Loc. Merigar 58031 Arcidosso GR (Grosseto)