Merigar literally means “home of the mountain of fire” symbolically “energy house”; It is a place surrounded by nature, surrounded by forests of beech and chestnut trees. It located in the town of Arcidosso in the province of Grosseto, situated where the slopes of Mount Amiata meet those of the upstream lip and its nature reserve.

Here since 1981 around the Tibetan master Namkhai Norbu gather people interested in the study and practice of Dzogchen, one of the most ancient teachings of the Tibetan spiritual tradition.

The places to visit:


The temple, designed by Namkhai Norbu is built entirely of natural materials, it has several paintings and decorations. From its center, it represented by a lotus flower, branch rays corresponding to the eight directions of the mandala. In the eight sides of the temple depicts the principal masters of all the Tibetan spiritual traditions and looking peaceful deities, fierce and joyful.


Reliquary monument that represents the enlightened state of mind and is designed to promote the welfare and prosperity of the places where it stands.


Building that houses the room where you practice the Mandala Dance of the Vajra, the library with an important collection of texts in Tibetan, English and Italian, and the offices of the International Shang Shung.


Building in which they leased the secretariat, the canteen, the caretaker’s. It also hosts an exhibition of publications Namkhai Norbu in Italian and English and Tibetan handicrafts. It registered office of the NGO ASIA Onlus.