Yantra Yoga

Yantra Yoga or the Yoga of the Movement is an ancient system of Tibetan yoga, based on the text ‘The union of the sun and the moon’, written in the 8th century by the master Vairochana, a disciple of Padmasambhava, but with an oral tradition that is even older.

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu started to transmit this profound yoga in the West in the 70s. In the same period he drew up a detailed commentary on the basis of oral explanations that he received from some 20th century Tibetan yogins and siddhas.

This precious text has recently been translated from Tibetan into English, Italian, Russian and Chinese and translations are underway in German, Spanish, French, and Czech. To date, it is one of the few texts that brings together in a methodical way and from reliable sources a system of Yoga practice that can boast a centuries-old tradition.

Yantra Yoga uses harmonious movements related to different aspects of breathing in order to become aware of one’s body and control breathing, one of the main means of coordinating vital energy (prana). Our physical and mental well-being depends on the condition of energy and it is therefore fundamental that this is balanced. In this way we can have a good physical condition and a calm, present and relaxed mental state which is the basis for deeper knowledge of ourselves.

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